Divi Proficiency

As a fluent Divi user, I have worked with a team to develop and implement numerous websites. We worked with the clients to determine the desired communication goals and then worked internally to develop the content and design for the sites. Worked with engineers and technical advisors to condense complex technical information and ideas into manageable and understandable concepts for the general public and stakeholders. In my role as the graphic designer on the team, I was responsible for selecting colors, fonts, textures, and overall themes. Additionally, I created many graphical assets, illustrations, fact sheets, and reports found on the sites. In many cases, I was responsible for creating the initial pages with content, navigation, links, and site themes. Check out the selected sites below to learn more.

Ski Wallace, 2022

Built the latest revision of the 2022 Ski Wallace website in Divi. Worked with other board members to ensure the site met the communication needs of Ski Wallace. Created forms to accept payment and take registration for event. 

Check it out: SkiWallace.com

Wallace Comedy Club, 2023

Created a website for Wallace Comedy Club to advertise upcoming events, sell tickets, and serve as a contact page.  The site features forms for 3 different venues that accepts payments and creates will-call list for shows. 


Sutherland's Crest Vacation Rental Website, 2021

Created a website for a local vacation rental. Extensively researched history of home and residents, compiled information of things to do and see, created interactive map of historical destinations. Designed site layout, colors, logos and all content.

View the site here: sutherlandscrest.com

N3B Los Alamos Website, 2020

Worked with a team to build out the site, while maintaining a cohesive look throughout, and adhering to branding and style guidelines. Worked with the communications team to ensure the content on the site is current and accurate.

View the site here: https://n3b-la.com/

Hanford Vit Plant Meter Heatup Site, 2021

Worked with a team to develop a style guide, built out pages, create graphics for site, and ensure that the site maintained consistent branding throughout build.

View the site here: https://melterheatup.hanfordvitplant.com/

Northern Pacific Railway Depot, 2020

Collaborated with others including the museum director to build out the NP Depot site.

View the site here: https://www.npdepot.org/

INL Resilience Optimization Center, 2019

Worked with a team to help build out and maintain the site, by creating new, and editing existing pages. Periodically adding content and working with technical advisors to ensure the site is communicating the correct message and has current content.

View the site here: https://resilience.inl.gov/

Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (DICE), 2020

Worked with a team to design the logo and created various abstractions of the logo to be used as design elements throughout the site. Assisted in building out site to design specifications, while making sure to adhere to branding elements and maintain consistent look and feel.

View the site here: https://dice.inl.gov/

Spokane Regional Opioid Taskforce Website, 2019

Assisted with the development of site.

View the site here: https://drugpreventionspokane.org/