Graphic Design & More

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Collaborated with a team to design and create the logo for Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (DICE). I worked with a team to create the theme for the DICE website, and generated graphical assets for the site. View the site here:

Brew with the Crew Logo

Designed a logo for Brew with the Crew, a collaboration between Idaho National Laboratory’s Resilience Optimization Center (INL ROC) and the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Society of Automation (ISA). The meetings provide an opportunity for instrumentation, control and intelligent systems researchers and practitioners to interact with others in their community. Learn more:

Bloom Nutrtional Therapy

Worked with Nutritional Therapist to create a logo to represent her Nutritional Therapist business. 

Nature's Pantry

Collaborated with store owner to create a logo for a natural foods and supplements store.

Slider Images for Internal Corporate Network

Slider images created for an intranet to communicate internally within the client company. Slide to see more.

Social Media Job Postings

Graphics for social media to advertise new job postings and to drive traffic to hiring website.


Created for Elks USA to celebrate and drive membership growth for lodges throughout the USA. See the post

Created for the Elks USA to distribute via social media to encourage membership growth.

Created to advertise the 4th annual Extreme Ski Jor in Wallace!

Isometric illustration

Created for the MIRACL Program at Idaho National Laboratory. The Illustration shows the layout of the Microgrid Test Bed, which integrates simulation, storage systems, a renewable energy microgrid, load control capabilities, and full-scale testing. Worked with systems engineers to create the graphic to communicate how the testbed is laid out, and what its major features are. Learn more about the MIRACL program:

Digital Illustration

created for the Hanford Vit Plan Melter Heatup site to show the journey to melter heatup. Learn more about the Melter Heatup, and explore the interactive graphic:

Technical Layout

Microgrid Test Bed. This illustration was created to demonstrate the layout and the capabilities of the test bed, provide technical specifications about the equipment housed in the test bed, and to demonstrate the flow of electricity between each part of the test bed. Worked with technical advisors and engineers to ensure layout and specifications were correct. Learn more about the MIRACL program:

Data hub graphic

Graphic created to demonstrate the internactions between participants within a collaborative Data Hub.

Learn more:

Stylization of Periodic Table of Elements

Assisted in creating the style for an interactive periodic table of elements. Worked to enhance design by adding stylistic elements to table.

See it in action here:

CAES graphics

Worked with a team to develop the Center of Advanced Energy website. Was responsible for helping create the overall look and feel of site, selecting fonts, backgrounds, textures etc. Additionally, I created many of the graphics found throughout. Explore these the CAES site here:

Created the interactive graphic below to explain the focus areas of CAES. Interact with it here: